Our “Getting to Know You” Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who answered our recent survey! Now onto the findings…

We had about 70 individuals complete the questionnaire, including at least 20 Society members.

A couple quick takeaways from the data:

  • We’re very happy to see that overall, enjoyment of the Society is quite high. We do know we can always improve!
  • We definitely want to continue diversifying the Society as much as possible, in terms of all the participants and attendees!

We also heard from a number of members that they are interested in a new space for the Balboa Park readings (currently held at the Veterans Museum).

We look for venues with:

  1. adequate space for attendees
  2. open hours into the evening (at least 9 pm)
  3. accessible/ample parking
  4. affordable rental costs

If you know of one, please share your ideas (in a comment below or with Darryl)!

And thank you to Tim, our social media coordinator, for creating all the charts and graphs!

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Win a Shakespeare T-Shirt and Tickets to the Art Stops

It’s time we knew how you REALLY feel about the Society and how we can improve. We have a short list of questions to get your feedback.

How do you feel about the San Diego Shakespeare Society? 

Survey Question

Just a sample question – find the whole survey below!

It’s very quick as most questions are multiple-choice, and you can very easily complete this right on your phone if you’re reading this there. Your responses will help us plan better events and can help us earn more grant funding—organizations love to know specifics about our audience!

UPDATE: our contest has ended, though we still absolutely want to hear your thoughts and feedback! Thank you!

Everything you need is below…

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