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New Fortune Auditions for As You Like It

May 30, 2022 - May 31, 2022


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As You Like It

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Dan Hodge

AUDITION DATES: May 30-31, 2022

CALLBACK DATES: June 4, 2022

To request an audition slot, email info@newfortunetheatre.com. Please include headshot, resume, and any potential conflicts*.

If you are invited to the first round of auditions, you will be asked to prepare 2 contrasting classical monologues.

Callbacks will be assigned sides.

*NOTE: As You Like It will rehearse July 5-August 2, 2022 in Downtown San Diego. Performances will run August 3-28, 2022 OUTDOORS, in Point Loma.


All ages, genders, and ethnicities are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Some AEA contracts available. All roles (non-union) will be paid.

  • Orlando – Late 20s – 30s. Dynamic, funny, and charming as hell, yet still harboring darkness thanks to ill treatment by his brother. Leaving the court to save his life, he finds himself thriving in the forest. Smarter than most people give him credit for.
  • Celia – 20s – 30s. Proud, intelligent, and soulful. Once she abandons her father’s court to go into the woods with her cousin Rosalind, she’s oddly rudderless. She may be in danger of losing herself, until Oliver shows up. She keeps her cards close, but feels deeply the loss of everything she left behind at court.
  • Oliver – 20s – 30s. Cunning and self-interested. Resentful of his brother Orlando, to the point of attempting to have him killed. In spite of the darker edges of his nature, there is a goodness in him that grows once he is out in the woods. He’s the kind of person who might be surprised by the depths of his own anger, and equally by his chance at redemption.
  • Touchstone – 30s – 60s. Nimble with language, and a quick wit. A very capable court fool, they also guard their true self jealously. Touchstone is a true convert to country living, provided it’s a life of leisure. Freedom from the strictures of the court provide boundless room for their ample mind. Uses foolery as a means of truth telling.
    • Musical ability a plus.
  • Duke Frederick/Duke Senior – Late 40s – 50s. Frederick is volatile, paranoid, with a deep streak of cruelty. He is easily led, while also being fiercely mistrustful. Arguably the most overtly villainous person in the play, it stems from fighting so hard to get power, and fear of losing it.
    • Senior, by contrast, is thoughtful, confident, and generous. He’s not quick to temper, and considers the needs of those around him, weighing their nature before leveling his reaction. Probably good in a scrap, but he’s more likely to reason with an opponent than hit them.
    • Musical ability a plus.
  • Phoebe – 20s – early 30s. Intelligent by nature rather than by education, with more than a hint of vanity. She’s ambitious, independent, and is thoroughly fed up with the kind of country riff raffs who have courted her her entire life. For someone who says ‘no’ a lot, she reacts very poorly to being told ‘no’ herself.
    • Likely doubles with Le Beau, a courtier under Duke Frederick. They are gossipy, observant, and adept at following the whims of those in authority. A social climber of the first order.
    • Musical ability a big plus.
  • Audrey – 20s – early 30s. One of the truly simple of this world. Trusting, unambitious without being lazy, and content with where her life has landed her. When Touchstone comes into her life, it’s like the world has cracked open, offering her the kind of humor, excitement, and attention she never knew existed.
    • Likely doubles with some hangers-on at the court.
    • Musical ability a big plus.
  • Silvius – 20s – 30s. Persistent, loyal, and kind. The sort of person who loves deeply and trusts readily. An optimist to the marrow of his bones, he’s certain that Phoebe will love him if she would only give him a chance.
    • Musical ability a big plus.
    • Possibly doubles with Charles the Wrestler.
  • Charles the Wrestler – 20s – 40s. The kind of guy who thrives under Duke Frederick. Danger is inherently part of his nature, but he’s got the kind of honor that comes to those who live by their hands. An exceptional fighter, he’s not above killing his opponents when necessary. That kind of ruthless outlook is what made him – and keeps him – a champion.
  • Amiens – Any age. A musician to the core. Someone for whom the lyrics of a song are where they feel most at home. Abandoned the court with Duke Senior because a world run by Frederick is too hard. Watchful, keen, and a good keeper of secrets. There may be something almost otherworldly about them. They are also the leader of whatever musical group we can cobble together for this world. Skill with instruments is necessary, and they will also be creating songs based on the lyrics in the play.
  • Adam – An old timer. Worked on the de Boys land their entire life, and almost inordinately fond of Orlando. Loyal, determined, stubborn, and irascible. They describe themselves as “strong and lusty,” but that’s likely wishful thinking.
    • The role will double in some capacity.
    • Musical ability a plus.
  • William – 20s – early 30s. The moniker of “Sweet William” seems adept. Not terribly bright, but as nice a guy as you could hope to meet. He’s been courting Audrey for a good while, but can’t hope to compete with a mind like Touchstone. Not for lack of trying, however.
    • The role will double in some capacity.
    • Musical ability a plus.


May 30, 2022
May 31, 2022
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