Romeo and Juliet Open Reading – April/May

Romeo Juliet Shakespeare Theatre DC

TUESDAY, APRIL 16TH AND MAY 14TH, 2019 @ 6:30 PM

Barnes & Noble Bookstore
810 W Valley Pkwy · Escondido, CA

Romeo and Juliet is probably the most famous love story of all time; it is regarded by many experts as a great example of Shakespeare’s early dramatic skill. The play’s prologue calls the two protagonists “star-crossed lovers”, a most fitting description of their story – one in which the Universe seems to conspire against them. Although the play draws lots of elements from classical Greek tragedies, William Shakespeare’s take on the theme of forbidden love is a unique, masterful piece of literature. This fact is proven by its endurance in the public’s conscience and by its numerous adaptations, spanning over four centuries.

Connie Boyd, the Director, has taught Drama and English for 28 years at San Pasqual High School. Took students to Fullerton, Thespians, Drama Teachers Association of Southern California, and English Speaking Union Shakespeare competitions. They performed in in-classroom presentations of poetry and short scenes. Directed and acted at Patio Playhouse for 33 years.


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